International Olive Oil Award - Zurich

Attention: First announcement of winners of the International Olive Oil Award - Zurich 2014 will take place at April 24, 2014. See more information in Menue "Olive Congress".

NEW: The publication "Bunt ist besser" (Magazin Salz & Pfeffer / German language) focusses on quality influencing factors as packaging, storeage, etc.  

TIP: Information concerning former events (IOOA 2002 - 2013) is available in menue "History" ...

13th International Oil Award (IOOA) - Zurich 2014 & OLIO

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All to the International olive Oil Award - Zurich 2014 registered olive oils registered oils participate on the one hand in the objective sensory evaluation (IOOA) in spring 2014 and have on the occasion of a consumer test in autumn 2014 the additional opportunity - in case they reach the final round of the IOOA - to earn an "OLIO" - as a public favourite.

Both events are organized and accomplished by the University of Applied Sciences Zurich (ZHAW) in Waedenswil. The media- and communication-partner are the editors of "Salz & Pfeffer" (Swiss journal for catering and gastronomy).

Detailled information concerning terms and conditions of a participation are available in the due Regulations 2014 (see container on the right hand side).

Registration of your oils is most comfortably possible via Online-Registration 2014 in the menue "IOOA" or written / via regular mail using a registration form (see container on the right hand side).


Additional information concerning the project:

International Olive Oil Award (IOOA) / 2014

The selection of sensorically excellent “extra virgin” olive oils, due to objective criteria, is done in the context of the 13th International Olive Oil Award – Zurich 2014.

The evaluation of the olive oils takes place in March 2014 by the Swiss Olive Oil Panel (SOP) of the ZHAW, which is accredited since October 2006 according to ISO 17025 (STS 240; as well as by the International Olive Council (IOC) in Madrid (recognition 2013/2014). The members of the SOP are regularly trained in accordance to and on the base of the regulations of the IOC. A neutral and objective evaluation of the participating olive oils is therefore ensured on an international standard.

For participants it is additionally possible to let their olive oils be analyzed chemically (4 parameters). The Evaluation is available for a special package-price.

International Olive Congress (IOC) / 2014

The publication of the winning oils of the International Olive Ol Award - Zurich 2014 takes place on Thursday, April 24, 2014. By then, sensorically outstanding olive oils will be honoured during an award ceremony. Results will be published and winners are going to be honoured with Golden Olives, Silver Olives, Awards as well as Country-prices. Additional special prices will be awarded in 2014 again tin the category "Best Mono-Variety" and "Best Organic".

OLIO / 2014

The most accepted and prefered olive oils are going to be honoured in October 2014 with the OLIO. On the occasion of a consumer test at Gourmesse 2014 (October 10 - 13, 2014) in the Kongresshaus Zurich, the most preferred oils (public favourites) will be defined and awarded.

Publikationen & Booklet

The Booklet 2013 is still available and can be purchased for CHF 12.90 (EUR 10.00) plus additional costs for dispatch. Please, just send an Email to Within the booklet you can find relevant information and all results concerning the 12th International Olive Oil Award - Zurich 2013.

Die publication of the results  of the 13th International Olive Oil Award - Zurich 2014 in form of the Booklet 2014 will take place in April 2014.


Selected information concerning the IOOA, IOC and OLIO (results, events, announcements, etc.) will be published as well in the relevant scientific and technical literature, in daily papers and in the Internet (


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